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Date and time of your WEDDING

Estimated total number in attendance __
Bride's Name :__
Best phone numbers(s) to reach Bride: __
Groom's Name : __
Best phone numbers(s) to reach Groom: __
Do you need me to provide music for the WEDDING  CEREMONY? __
*IF "yes" : TIME of ceremony__

LOCATION (address) of CEREMONY __

Most often, Groom and Groomsmen enter to NO SONG, but if you wish to have one, please provide a title for that song:
When the ceremony is ready to commence, I will call all guests to be seated.
Pre -ceremony Seating songs:__
Song for entry of Bridesmaids & Maid/ Matron of Honor:__
Song for Bridal Entry:__

Will there be a Family Unity Candle Lighting or Sand Ceremony? __ If YES, Song for this ritual__

RECESSIONAL SONG(S) - When the newlyweds return UP the aisle, what songs are to be played? __

You'd like me dressed how? (I have a Tuxedo if required)__
At what time do you expect the guests to be seated before the entrance of wedding party?__


Do you wish to have formal introductions of the Wedding Party?__
In what order do you wish the special guests introduced?  **Below is a sample of typical introduction arrangement**

1. Flower Girl(s) : (enter names for each HERE, please)__
2.Ring Bearer(s) __ *Often, during introductions, Flower Girl(s) are paired with Ring Bearer(s)

3. JUNIOR Bridesmaids and JUNIOR Groomsmen? __
4.Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (These are often paired,  but sometimes introduced individually, for instance : Bridesmaid Kelly Smith, accompanied by Groomsman David Carr. Alternately, some choose to introduce all Bridesmaids, then  all Groomsmen)

A. Bridesmaid __ and Groomsman __





 Maid or Matron of Honor  *Please specify if she's Maid (single) or Matron (married) : __
5. Best Man : ______________________________________________
6. Bride's Parents__
7.Groom's Parents :__
 *Regarding Bride's and Groom's parents: *IF* They are divorced and need a 
different sort of pairing for introductions, please specify your/their preference.__
8. Any Grandparents or other special folks to be introduced:__

Do any of these have unusual any pronunciations of that I cannot determine with certainty from their spelling ?__

Are the bridal couple to be announced as Mr. & Mrs. James Smith, e.g. or Mr. James Smith and Mrs. Jane Smith (OR a hyphenated bride name)?  __
In what order will following take place? (I've pre-set these in the most common order, but please set these in the order you wish)...
 *NOTE : It is my practice to play mainly soft, romantic music at a quiet level while guests settle in, as well as during any meal. You may compile a list some suggested songs that I can compile on your behalf.

Cocktail /Dinner PLAYLIST __ (Please feel free to provide a list of tunes for Cocktail / Dinner Hour(s) BELOW__

Now we come to the TRADITIONS & RITUALS most commonly done at a wedding reception. I am listing them

in the sequence that they MOST OFTEN take place. HOWEVER, this is YOUR wedding and I will tailor it to suit your expectations. If you wish to change this sequence, place a NUMBER beside EACH and EVERY item that suits the order you wish them to occur.

1. Formal introductions of wedding party

2. Dinner

3. Toasts (If toasts are to be offered, NAMES of those toasting HERE)__

4. Bride & Groom 1st Dance (Insert song and artist name HERE)__

5. Bride & Father Dance (Insert song and artist name HERE)__

6. Groom & Mother Dance (Insert song and artist name HERE)__

7. Dollar Dance(s) (Insert song and artist name HERE)__

8. Anniversary Dance (Insert song and artist name HERE)__
9. Garter toss (Insert song and artist name HERE)__
10. Bouquet toss__ (Insert song and artist name HERE)__
Are there OTHER formalities or traditions you would like to observe (Example - "Wedding Shoe Game")
Do you have preferred genres of music? (Classic rock, new rock, new country, older country, etc. etc.)__
Any strong DISLIKES, musically ?__
*Note : Often I'm asked to play Hip-Hop or Rap that I KNOW to have ***strong adult language.***  Please  select an option regarding that :
1. Absolutely NOT__
2. NOT if children are still present __
3. Yes, but only late in the event__
4. Yes, but seek one or both of us out for PERMISSION FIRST!!! __

PLEASE CREATE YOUR PLAYLIST BELOW (Other than the songs you have  already listed for special purposes)

Is there anything else I might do to help make your reception a success?__ (Some examples  * A couple got married on his grandparents 50th anniversary. They had me honor them with  their own dance. * I've often volunteered to help bring in chairs from the ceremonial site late in the event when others are worn out. * A groom had a special needs daughter - we arranged a dance for him and the daughter. *Several brides have danced with another important family member when the father was deceased or not present.)
List any OTHER details I may have overlooked, please?__
Warm regards,
Terry Figgins
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