So, why is your quote about 1/3rd of what "other" DJ services gave me? That seems a bit suspicious!
Although the DJ business isn't "Rocket Science" there is a skillset that is LEARNED over a long period of time! In my own case, I happen to do very well in my main line of work. As a DJ, I'm striving to provide the BEST possible service I can at a very reasonable price due to liking the "extra" income - I'd not try to deny that! But the amount of pleasure I get from seeing to a truly successful event is a reward of its own! I just LOVE to see people celebrating and enjoying major events in their lives!!! When I am finished and people come and thank me for an excellent job, give me that hug or pat on the back AND ask for my card, I KNOW I've played a big role in making their night fabulous! I don't look at my clients as a "paycheck," but instead view them as people who have decided they should TRUST ME! It is then my moral obligation to fulfill that trust, and give them the very best I can offer them, due to their faith in me!

Basically, they are subcontractors to whom you will be paying MUCH more money that goes in their pockets while THEY pay some other DJ to do the actual WORK! Many of these services are quite suspect, in that their  interview and hiring practices are inadequate. If one TELLS that service "Oh yes, I have great equipment and LOADS of experience" they may hire that DJ on the spot to fill a client's needs. Whether that DJ knows what he's or not is ALWAYS in doubt! A side not to all this : Typically, that subcontracted DJ will receive as much as *MAYBE* $250! Anything MORE  that YOU have paid goes into the DJ Broker's pocket just for them exchanging a few e-mails and phone calls with you! Be VERY wary of this sort of thing, please! Sorry for any "ranting", but I feel it is important for people to understand this.

When you quote a price, what "Surprise" costs might I incur? 
What experience do you have as a private events DJ?

Having been in another personal services business has taught me many things. Foremost among those are the Two Golden Rules of business: Rule 1) The customer is always right.

Rule 2) When the customer is WRONG see rule 1. In other words, my aim is to be accommodating, polite, tactful, gentlemanly, and well prepared to meet EVERY need and expectation of the client. You can count 100% on me showing up in a timely manner and being completely SOBER throughout your event. People compliment me on my sense of humor, but I am generally "low key" and do not attract attention to myself. For weddings, in particular, the newlyweds should be the focal point, NOT THE DJ! Lastly, while trying to preserve my humbleness, it may be worthy of mentioning that I do a fair amount of volunteer work as a DJ - doing benefits for families stricken by tragedy, fundraisers for charitable causes, and my favorite - going to nursing homes and entertaining the residents. If you have stumbled upon my site seeking a DJ for a worthy cause such as I've mentioned, feel free to contact me.

 Do you carry liability insurance? Many banquet halls require that you do! 

Terry's Mobile DJ/KJ Service

Do you have back-up sound equipment in the event of "catastrophic failure?"
Ah, Ok. I get it on brokerages, but still, your fees are CHEAP! WHY?
YES! First, every wire and cable I need I bring AT LEAST two spares. I carry with me to every event a secondary sound system that is compact but quite professional, sound wise. Failure is NOT an option in this business.
Good question! You see, I am not dependent upon the DJ business as my main source of income. My quotes are all inclusive. Period! I provide you custom play list, LED Disco lights, Master of Ceremony duties, karaoke (unless you forbid it!). Travel and set up are included. I've seen *some* DJ services whose "added on fees" total up to  MORE than my entire asking fee!!! ( Travel & set up - $50 minimum! Karaoke - $125. MC duties - $100. A bubble machine -$25. Disco lights - $100 - $250,  and so on. I find it laughable!)Also, I am NOT charging by the hour! Let's say you've booked me until 10 p.m. but your party is still going strong. I have no desire to "abandon" you and your guests. I WANT them to leave fully satisfied by the best night of fun I can offer! I always stay until you, the client, tell me I may go home! And I don't ask for an extra cent!!!

I  have hosted nearly 300 weddings, as well as many corporate events, and birthday parties for people ages 10 to 90. 

What personality traits make you stand out in the DJ business?

Yes. I have carried the same business insurance for 25 years. When I asked them about a premium for doing the DJ business as well they said, most definitively, that the one policy would cover any business endeavor I got into.